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The Company

Highlights of the color glass production of the Ullmann family:

1892 to 1913
Johann Gottlieb Schneider produces manufactured goods, blanks and color powder and chips for the factory Joh. Loetz Witwe in Klostermühle.

1932 to 1944
Otto Ullmann is responsible for the first smelting of new colored products (color rods, hollow- and pressed glas, massive and hollow small rods, sunglasses and welding protection glasses) in the Josef Riedel factory in Stephansruh, Unter-Polaun and Dessendorf. In Röhrsdorf he developed the melting technique for Neophan glass, invented by Prof. Dr. Weidert.

1947 to 1949
Otto Ullmann partakes in the foundation of the “Linzer Optische Glaswerke” in Austria after displacement from the Sudetenland. He is responsible for the melting of colored safety sunglasses.

1950 to 1954
Otto Ullmann becomes the technical manager of the glass factory Bohemia Glass Argentina SRL in Santo Tomé after his emigration to Argentina. Otto and Hubertus Ullmann test together in numerous sample melts of South American raw material and minerals for the production of massive and overlay colored glasses.

1957 to 1976
Hubertus Ullmann evolves the family owned factory Cristaleria Querandi S.A. to the leading color glass factory in South America after his resettlement to Buenos Aires. Among other things he tested the neutralization in glass of radioactive waste for the Argentinean Nuclear State Direction. He produces the well known Annagelb by using Yellow Cake instead of uranium oxide, at the same time he invents two new Yellow Cake colors Rosanil and Braunil.

1978 to 1982
Hubertus Ullmann remigrates to Germany and is now owner of the Hubertushütte located in Osterhofen. Beside the main production of high- and full-lead crystal, colored solder glasses for insulating vacuum proof electric feedthroughs. Changing market dynamics and tightened environmental regulations are forcing him to close the glass factory.

1980 to 1997
Uschi Ullmann founds together with Sabine Matejka a glass workshop in Passau. She produces functional, individually designed utility glass and receives the State Prize of the Bavarian State Government and the Hessian State Prize for German crafts.

1982 to 1990
Norbert Ullmann is marketing color glasses for the hot decoration of glass produced by the extended workbench through his company Ullmannglass in Osterhofen. Hubertus Ullmann functions as mentor and technical adviser.

Sieglinde Ullmann launches the company “OPTUL-Sieglinde Ullmann” and takes over the sale of OPTUL QUALITY JEWELS and the Ullmanncolors OPTUL IRIS ARC and expands the range to color glass for fusing and Pâte de Verre. First appearance at the international trade fair Glastech in Düsseldorf.

OPTUL starts to sell color glasses, fusible with float glass, invented by Hubertus Ullmann.

Uschi Ullmann and Sabine Matejka close their shop. Uschi Ullmann joins in OPTUL - Sieglinde Ullmann.

The company “OPTUL-Sieglinde Ullmann” is transformed into “OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH”. Sieglinde and Ursula Ullmann are chief executives and owners.

OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH introduces lead-free colors for fusing with float glass. The OPTUL QUALITY JEWELS range is significantly enlarged. Launch of the first company website.

Veronika Ullmann joins the company as executive assistant.
Hubertus Ullmann dies on December 19.

The revised website displays the multifaceted, colorful product range of OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH for our customers. Because of our export orientation we put emphasis on the website translation.